LisaRaye McCoy & Mother Face Off In Explosive Argument On "Iyanla: Fix My Life"

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Things get heated between the McCoys in this weeks episode of "Iyanla: Fix My Life"

Earlier this week, actress LisaRaye McCoy revealed in a Cocktails With Queens segment that she had heard rumors that Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry was bad in bed. Berry caught wind of McCoy’s comments a few days later and jokingly tweeted that McCoy should refer to Berry’s husband, Van Hunt, who could provide her with all the information she’s seeking on the matter. McCoy since clarified her comments, saying they were misconstrued and that she had no malicious intent in asserting them. 

While McCoy is still facing backlash for her comments, it appears that even more drama is erupting in her life -- this time between her and her mother. Earlier this week, the Oprah Winfrey Network Instagram account posted a teaser of this week's episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life, which is hosted by inspirational speaker Iyanla Vanzant and is presently airing its final season. In the 30-second clip, LisaRaye McCoy and her mother, Katie McCoy, go head-to-head in a shouting match about LisaRaye’s late father. 

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In the tense video, Katie says of LisaRaye, “She knew her daddy was a damn hoe,” to which LisaRaye responds, “What do I do about it now, mom? Can I buy you?” prompting Katie to retort back, “You ain’t got enough damn money to buy me!” Iyanla, there to mediate the dispute and restore the pair’s strained mother-daughter bond, wordlessly shifts her focus between the two as they mercilessly deliver scathing remarks against one another. 

LisaRaye was incredibly close with her father, David, who was killed in 1988 by his live-in girlfriend and her brother. The two were so close, in fact, that they made a pact that if either one of them was to die before the other, the other would, in turn, kill themselves. In an attempt to deliver on her promise to her father, LisaRaye intentionally crashed her car into a tree after his death, but the suicide attempt was unsuccessful. 

LisaRaye’s bond with her mother never measured up to that which she had with her father, and in the episode, the pair attempt to get to the root of their discord. In the video, Iyanla calls Katie a “Bitter, entitled woman who feels like she’s entitled to something,” and even tries to wrangle the conflict between LisaRaye and her own daughter, Kai, who is also present and who Iyanla describes as “broken.”

While it appears family trauma runs deep among the McCoy's, Iyanla's track record in mending familial wounds speaks for itself. Tune into the episode at 9 pm EST on Saturday, November 28 to see what goes down.

Watch the preview below. 

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