YouTuber Jake Paul defeated retired MMA fighter/wrestler Ben Askren with a shocking first-round knockout in Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Saturday night. It was the third fight in Paul’s boxing career.

Paul sent Asken to the ground with a massive right hand to win the fight right after it started. All in all, the fight lasted less than one minute. Asken was able to stand back up, but the ref decided to waive it off.

After the knock-out, Paul celebrated in the ring with his brother Logan.

Jake Paul Defeats Ben Askren With Shocking 1st-Round Knockout
Al Bello / Getty Images

“You fucking did that. You’re a bad motherfucker,” Snoop Dogg said at the announcer’s table.

“I told y’all I would do it in the 1st round. I told you I’m a real fighter,” Paul remarked.

Paul warned that the fight wouldn’t go the distance. “I don’t think the fight will last long enough for him to even think about taking me down,” he said Wednesday, adding, “My distance control is 10 times better than his. And if he does, he’s going to get busted up on the inside. That’s one thing we really worked on in this camp is my inside fighting game. He can come in, but he’s going to get cracked.”

The 24-year-old YouTube star previously knocked out former NBA player Nate Robinson.

Askren, 36, began his MMA undefeated in his first 19 fights in mixed martial arts but retired after subsequent back-to-back losses to finish his career. He cited longstanding hip issues as a factor in his retirement.