Over the past few days, Denzel Curry has been actively voicing his frustrations on Twitter, maintaining that he’s easily one of the game’s most influential and underappreciated voices. And while he has confirmed the existence of a new album, many of his fans were alarmed to hear him voice a growing hatred for the art of rapping, the result of an increasingly jaded attitude. Yet that’s not to say all hope is lost, as the spark has yet to fully fade. In fact, Zeltron seems particularly thrilled about an upcoming drop with J.I.D, with whom he previously linked on “SIRENS.”

Denzel Curry & J.I.D Tease December Drop
Rich Fury/Getty Images

After likening both his and the Dreamville rapper to Mortal Kombat’s legendary fighters Scorpion and Sub-Zero, Denzel opted to hit J.I.D. directly to inquire about the state of their next collaboration. From the sound of it, the track has already been recorded and appears to be in J.I.D’s hands — at least, he seems to be the one calling the shots on the release date, and given his general uncertainty, we could be looking at a possible album cut. 

On that note, J.I.D. remains hopeful that their upcoming collab will land in December, though little else is known about what’s in store on a musical level. The last time they connected on wax, the pair opted to turn in introspective and cynical reflections on the state of American culture. For a second go-around, perhaps they’ll take things in an entirely different direction, opting to flex their technical prowess and dexterity over a track like “Off Deez.” Yet these are two of the game’s most exciting young lyricists, and all bets are off as to what’s in store.

Check out the exchange below, and sound off — are Denzel and J.I.D two of the best in the game right now?