When it comes to the Wu-Tang Clan, Inspectah Deck has always played something of a second banana role, which is fine by him so long as the Wu are operating as a unit — which isn’t always the case. 

In a recent interview with VladTV, Deck explained his financial reliance on the Wu-Tang Clan and expressed frustration at the way they are being managed as well as his desire for more communication and transparency when it comes to making business decisions.

“We’re lost business structure-wise,” he said. “When you look at other successful entities the business platform that they use, whether it’s let’s get a tour manager that nobody knows so that there’s no personal relationships in between so I don’t have to feel a way for knocking on your door or banging on your shit in the morning telling you to get up. Simple things bro, ’cause it frustrates me because I feel like if we did have certain structures, an artist like me who doesn’t have a hit single on the airwaves, would still be able to capitalize and take advantage of the success of the whole. That’s what a good management or business structure is going to do.”

He told Vlad that he supports Method Man & RZA’s side ventures but wishes they were more committed to a common goal. He then compared the group’s management to the likes of Vinny Del Negro.

“We’ve got a good team with a bad coach,” he said. “Or a good team with a good coach, who’s just coaching bad right now… I’m not going to discredit my people and act like they haven’t done anything or been instrumental to us getting to this level but at this level, you’re uniform got to be nice, man.”

Watch the whole interview below.


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Inspectah Deck Wants The Wu-Tang Clan To Be More Cohesive