The latest episode of Snack Review has officially arrived, and it features none other than Atlanta-based rapper Childish Major. The 30-year-old recording artist stopped by to test out some of the most eccentric snacks we could find at the corner store, offering up his harsh opinion for each unfamiliar food that he tried.

He started off with a special lychee-flavored drink, having some trouble opening the bottle before figuring it out. He loved the drink, but the temperature and childproof bottlecap turned him off, reducing the final score. He moved onto a bacon and chip-flavored candy bar, which did not leave a strong impression on him. Childish Major also tried out some cabbage taro corn puff snacks, which he likened to jalapeño puffs. He was a fan and ate a few of them, but ultimately, he only gave them a 5/10. That was seemingly the theme of this episode — even though the rapper seemed to be enjoying his snack discovery, he was offering average to low scores on most offerings, only handing out higher ratings to the foods he would see himself stocking up on.

Watch the first part of Childish Major’s Snack Review episode above and stay tuned for the second part coming soon. Which one of these snacks do you want to try for yourself?

Childish Major Harshly Rates Unorthodox Foods On "Snack Review"