NBA Youngboy's Mother Reveals The Name Of His Son With Yaya Mayweather

The rapper's mother revealed that he now has a junior.

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Earlier in the month, Yaya Mayweather and NBA Youngboy welcomed their newborn son into the world. The couple broke things off sometime back in December, and many could not believe the 19-year-old daughter pro-boxing heiress was the seventh woman to carry one of NBA Youngboy's seven children. While Yaya has yet to reveal the name or face behind the baby boy, the rapper's mother Sherhonda Gaulden jumped the gun and spilled the beans on the newborn's name. 

Sherhonda revealed that Yaya Mayweather had named her son with NBA Youngboy, née Kentrell Gaulden, Kentrell Jr. While speaking in a room on the drop-in audio app Clubhouse, the mother of the "Make No Sense" artist opened up about her current relationship with her grandson. She admitted that Yaya had already reached out to her and is allowing her to see the baby. Some other people in the room asked about the newborn's name, which she revealed by saying Youngboy now has a Jr. 

NBA Youngboy has yet to speak out about the birth of his son and has remained off social media since Yaya's arrest busy working on his Sincerely, Kentrell LP. She has also remained relatively low on social media since giving birth, with her last Instagram post being back in December. 

During her tumultuous union with Kentrell Sr., Yaya was arrested and faces a slew of charges for a stabbing incident involving the mother of another one of YB's children. She faces up to 19 years behind bars if convicted. 

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