Yaya Mayweather is currently facing life in prison with ninety-nine years hanging over her head. She was arrested for an alleged stabbing that took place at her boyfriend Youngboy Never Broke Again's home. She allegedly stabbed YB's baby mama Lapattra Jacobs in the arm, potentially leaving her with permanent damage.

We're not sure who her legal advisor is but they should probably get her in check because, this week, she uploaded a video to TikTok where she is seen handling a firearm, which is not the smartest thing to show off when you've got life in prison possibly in the mix.

Yaya was recreating a scene from The Player's Club, pretending to shoot her gun in the air. 

"Can everybody leave the dressing room, please," she mouthed before taking the weapon out of her purse and pointing it to the ceiling.

In the last year, Yaya has proven to be pretty controversial, almost solely due to her connection to NBA Youngboy. The two are reportedly still dating despite the rapper showing off another woman on social media the other day.

Yaya Mayweather gun
Unique Nicole/Getty Images

Last week, YB welcomed his fifth and sixth kids into the world. He has claimed Yaya as his "wife," which would make her a step-mother of six now.