He may have cooked up “Throat Baby” while he claims he was just “joking around” in the studio, but after the viral track made waves on social media, it proved to be a serious hit for BRS Kash. The Atlanta artist is hoping that this won’t be the only noteworthy single in his catalog, and on Wednesday (January 20), Kash previewed the remix that includes features from DaBaby and City Girls.


On Instagram BRS Kash posted a clip from the forthcoming music video and shared that he’s slated to release his debut mixtape this Friday (January 22). “So Friday I’m Dropping My Debut Tape #KashOnly And This Remix Everybody Wants Is On It Too But The Video *Dramatic Pause* The Video Is So Lit I Almost Leaked It Myself,” he wrote in the caption.

The snippet of the colorful video shows all of the rappers giving their prospective performances to the sexually explicit single, and in an interview with Uproxx last year, BRS Kash explained that “Throat Baby” was really a track meant for men. “When I first recorded [‘Throat Baby’], I was joking around and had made [it] while touring somewhere,” he said.

“I didn’t want there to be a backlash coming at me, so I wasn’t sure if we should be putting this out. But my homeboys wanted me to put it out, so I said, ‘Cool,’ and did it. I really made it for the dudes, but women took so [strongly] to it and took it to a whole other level.” Check out the preview of the forthcoming remix below and let us know what you think.