Yella Beezy Released From Jail

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Amy Sussman/Getty Images for BET
After being arrested last night in Dallas, the rapper has finally been released from holding.

Earlier today, we reported that Yella Beezy had been detained in Dallas Saturday night (February 13) after footage of the arrest taking place circulated on social media this morning. Reports then surfaced confirming the Texas-native was arrested on weapons and gun-charges, which he claims was a set-up and unfair. 

New footage captured today shows the rapper departing the Texas jail he was held in overnight following the arrest. Wearing a facemask, hoodie, and baseball hat, the rapper spoke about how cold it was in the holding cell he was forced to stay the night in after being detained. 

Earlier in the day, the rapper's manager Adrian Low Brown told TMZ that Beezy was driving in his armored-plated, bullet-proof truck in his old neighborhood of Oak Cliff when he was stopped by police for allegedly missing a stop sign. He then claims officers proceeded to let him know his vehicle smelled like weed, where he then explained he doesn't even smoke. Officers used the alleged weed fumes as probable cause to search his car. No weed was discovered so he was not charged with possession, but a gun was found in the car.

Officers claimed the weapon was unregistered, which Beezy and his team deny. His manager even added that all the weapons in his arsenal were registered. 

At this time, it is unclear whether or not there'll be any sort of follow-up in the case or if it's completely closed, but was able to post bond. We'll keep you updated as it develops. 

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