The young crop of talented women in rap is generally supportive toward one another but, this weekend, something shifted and Asian Doll started getting at Megan Thee Stallion and the City Girls for allegedly taking her off the song “Do It On The Tip”. The allegations from Asian Doll were harsh, including some shots at JT and Yung Miami, who she insulted before saying that JT exchanged sexual favors with Lil Yachty after he wrote “Act Up”. Several outsiders have gotten involved, including BIA and Rolling Ray, who is coming after Yung Miami and JT with a fierce attitude.

“Them City Girls turning into City Hoes real quick,” wrote the MTV Catfish: Trolls star, who has been beefing with Saucy Santana for the last few months. “They was good at just making music, Soon as JT came home & started running her mouth sh*t went left.. & that’s the real tea.”

That tweet led to Yung Miami clapping back, defending her group and kicking off a side-feud in addition to the main spat with Asian Doll.

“Girl if you ain’t gonna fight stfu at this point.. You talk too much.. Go out to eat or something. You been purrring all day from the [couch],” wrote Rolling Ray on Twitter. “Santana uh bluff, Young Miami uh bluff, JT uh bluff , BUNCH OF POWER BLUFF GIRLS.”

Yung Miami bounced in by saying: “Imma calling social security on you in the morning b*tch!!!!!!!! Cause fr rolling ray that won’t even be a fair fight imma just walk up and punch you in your head leave me alone!”

Rolling Ray then threatened to call cupcakKe, who dissed the girl group on a record released last week. He also invited her to fly into his city so that they could fight in-person.

“Let me make this very clear before I go to sleep I’ve been ignoring rolling ugly for a month now,” said Yung Miami. “Idk him or where tf he come from it was always a lil LOL for me because clearly you’re delusional WE NEVER EXCHANGED words but tonight was the night & you took it to far!”

Many believe that she’s got a point in saying that he went too far. In since-deleted tweets, Rolling Ray dissed Yung Miami and told her to go “dig up” her deceased baby daddy.

“Digg your baby father up b*tch,” wrote Ray. “Tell em how much you turned into a power bluff girl.”

“On my dead baby daddy you better hope I never run into you retarded b*tch imma spit in your face and make you eat dirt on my kids RIP,” responded the City Girls member. “I swear on my kids imma make that b*tch walk again,” she added, making fun of Ray’s disability.

What do you think of the feud that erupted between Rolling Ray and Yung Miami?