Yo Gotti is currently working on his next studio album, The Art Of Hustle, but in the meantime, he’s opened up a new weekly series of releases. The Return Of Cocaine Muzik Pt. 1 is the first of these bundles, consisting of four tracks, which include two freestyles (“Poppin” and “Trap Niggas”), as well as two original tracks.

We’ve heard of rapper’s dropping a track a week, but doing it four weeks at a time is a pretty generous offer. We’ll have to wait and see if Gotti can keep up the output over the next few weeks. As far as when the album is due out, there’s no official release date, but we’re thing Gotti can get something together before the year’s end.

Stream the project below.

Item #1

Listen To Yo Gotti's "The Return Of Cocaine Muzik Pt. 1"