Tameka “Tiny” Harris has been speaking about some of the most storied moments in her career with VladTV this week, touching on The Notorious B.I.G.’s apology to Xscape minutes before his murder, fistfights between Kandi Burruss and LaTocha Scott, and more. In the latest portion from her sitdown talk with the publication, Tiny touched on one of the most devastating moments in her entire life, as well as her thoughts on why the planned Xscape reunion didn’t work out.

Tiny and T.I. take care of seven kids, three of which they had as a couple. Technically though, they have four children together. In 2007, Tiny and T.I. had a stillborn baby, breaking their hearts and making up one of the saddest moments in the former’s life.

Tiny Harris Explains Why Xscape Reunion Failed, Reveals Saddest Moment Ever
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“It was probably the saddest moment in my life, when I was in my darkest times,” said Tiny about her stillborn baby. “I’m always pretty upbeat. I don’t really have a lot of times where I’m down or feeling depressed or whatever. I don’t really have those moments that much, thank god. I’ve had them here and there but that was the most where I’ve been out of it for weeks and weeks and weeks at a time.”

Anybody can imagine the pain of having a baby, yet not being able to bring them home.

“The thought of having a baby but not going home with a baby… that’s traumatizing,” added Tiny.

Vlad goes on to switch the topic of conversation, jumping back to Xscape and how the girls had initially planned a comeback album in 2005, which led to Tiny explaining why the Unchained project never worked out.

Tiny Harris Explains Why Xscape Reunion Failed, Reveals Saddest Moment Ever
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“It didn’t work out. Our business wasn’t together, which is a long time problem for Xscape,” says Tiny. “My relationship was very rocky and for me trying to go out and pursue this, that wasn’t even together, you know what I’m saying? I gave it a go ’cause I felt it was worth a shot but because the business wasn’t together, everything was going so wrong. I just gave it up. I kind of wanted to go and get my relationship back because [Xscape] was going to hell. It just stopped. It stopped moving.”

For Tiny, that spelled the end of Xscape.

“We tried it and I gave it a go. I put a lot of strain on my relationship for it and it didn’t work and I didn’t feel like I wanted to try that anymore,” said the singer. “I kind of felt like, why am I gonna stress it if it’s not gonna ever get together and be totally 100%. We really did [have a great run.] It was exciting and I felt like it was worth it. It was something that we loved. But, at the time, when we did Unchained, Kandi wasn’t there and the business wasn’t together so it just wasn’t real. It didn’t feel the same.”