There’s a lot that Terrence Louis Henderson Jr. — you may know him better as the TDE exec that goes by ‘Punch’ — knows when it comes to music, particularly hip-hop. However, we’re not too sure the big homie is thinking too straight when it comes to the politics of basketball commentary. Case in point? He literally just claimed that Steph Curry is better than the Michael Jordan.

Save your debates for the comment section, but read along! 

TDE's Punch Has The Ultimate Sports Hot Take: "Steph [Curry] Is Better Than Jordan"
Image: Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Now granted, Curry put up amazing performance stats last night (May 4) in spite of his Warriors losing against the New Orleans Pelicans (seen above) in a close 103 – 108 defeat. Despite the loss, Steph made history yet again by becoming the fastest player in the history of NBA to make 300 three-pointers in a  single season.

According to CBS Sports, it took Curry only 58 games to hit the 300 mark, which he did during last night’s game that we’re sure Punch was watching and might’ve influenced his aforementioned scorching hot take. That game also saw Curry join Ray Allen as the only player in NBA history to hit 2,800 career three-pointers. Allen’s record stands at 2,973, but at this rate Curry will surpass that in no time. Now back to Curry being better than Jordan.

In the history of, well, history, there have been many bold enough to claim almost anyone who shows greater-than-average talent on the court as “The Next Michael Jordan.” Granted, LeBron is otherworldly, and Kobe was every bit of the legend people make him out to be, but there will never be anyone who commands the court and has superseded the game of basketball on all levels quite like His Airness. Granted, that sounds like a hot take in itself, but maybe it’s just something we can all take a stance on and argue it out about.

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