Her crush on DaBaby has been well documented, so now that the rapper has locked things down with DaniLeigh, B. Simone has a few things to say. The comedian shared a video where she cracked a few jokes about the relationship, but the public thought she was taking digs at DaniLeigh, and soon, B. Simone was once again facing backlash online.


“The b*tch is fly. I’m not a hater, she’s f*cking beautiful. She’s Latin—Latin b*tches already have the upper hand,” said B. Simone. “Speak two languages and f*cking spiciness is in your blood. It’s not fair. Chilli peppers, b*tch! Latin b*tches, they come out the vagina sexy. Like, how are you sexy at two, b*tch? You’re a f*ckin’ infant!”

Soon, B. Simone’s critics took to social media to condemn her comments, so she decided to respond with a funny video. “I wasn’t going to address this sh*t, but here it f*cking goes!” said Simone. “This generation is so f*cking stupid, that’s y’all think if it trends, it’s true.” The comedian then did a bit where she asked Siri who DaBaby’s girlfriend is. Initially, Siri says it’s B. Simone, but after “glitching,” iPhone’s automated assistant changed her answer.


“The beautiful, the thicker, the Dominican Mami DaniLeigh,” Siri answered. “Would you like me to play ‘Easy’ while you punch the air?” The jokes didn’t go unnoticed as DaniLeigh reposted the clip and praised B. Simone. “She a real oneee fasho lmao,” commented the singer. Swipe below to check out all of the posts.