Drake debuted an OVO-produced “Free Meek Mill” t-shirt back when the Philly rapper was locked up, and it looks like he broke it out again during OVO rehearsals today.

Toronto rap site thisisWalder.com posted a pic of Drizzy from what appears to be soundcheck (judging by the beard, this was taken very recently), and we’re thinking his shirt choice was no accident.

Surely there is a shady reason for this, and we may know more about it tonight when Drizzy takes the stage to headline his annual concert.

Take a look at the pic below. Think Drake has some kind of response planned? 

Update: People are still yelling photoshop, but a video of Drake in the shirt has now arrived. What do you think? (s/o @the6Tracks for the tip)


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Drake Reportedly Wearing "Free Meek Mill" Shirt At OVO Fest Rehearsal