The last time we heard from Lloyd Banks, it was during the G-Unit press run for The Beast Is G-Unit. At that time (back in March), the Punchline King confirmed that Cold Corner 3 was indeed still happening, but that’s about where the information started and ended.

During a performance in NYC last night, Banks brought back up the long-awaited Cold Corner 3 and revealed some new details. According to the rapper, Cold Corner 3 will be released commercially– but if the iTunes pre-order numbers aren’t up to snuff, he’ll scrap it entirely (!).

“I’m thinking about releasing it and when I do, you will pay for it. It will be pre-orders for it, and if I’m not satisfied with the numbers I get back, it just won’t come out. It’s that simple,” Banks told the crowd. He added: “I’m so frustrated with hip-hop right now.”

Take a look at the concert announcement below. What do you think of the PLK’s approach?

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Lloyd Banks Says That "Cold Corner 3" Will Be A Commercial Release