Last week, Lil Dicky’s Dave series covered emotional new ground in “Hype Man,” an episode focused on GaTa’s struggles with mental health — specifically his bipolar disorder. Many were immediately enthralled by GaTa’s acting, taking to social media to flood Dicky’s longtime hype-man with praise and appreciation. In response, GaTa filmed a video thanking everyone for the support, and confirming that the performance came from a genuine place. “I real deal with that every day,” he says. “I really am bipolar. I really have manic episodes.”

Naturally, Dicky wasn’t about to sit out the love-fest, penning an emotionally-charged dedication to GaTa. “[GaTa] isn’t just an actor I hired to play a role, he’s my actual hype man in real life and one of the best friends I’ll ever have,” writes Dicky, alongside a picture of the pair in action. “There hasn’t been a single concert I’ve done without Gata up there by my side. There isn’t a song I make that doesn’t go to him the second it’s exported. I believe in myself the way I do because he believes. He is in my corner every day. I can’t even put into words how much he’s impacted my life, despite my attempt to do so, right here right now.”

“In episode 5, Gata let me tell his story as a part of my own, and I’ve literally never been prouder of anyone, ever,” he continues. “So brave, so raw, so vulnerable, so honest, so good. And not just on screen. You are so good as a person. You light up everyone’s world the second you meet them. You are changing the world for the better.”

Check out Dicky’s full message below, and if you’ve seen the episode in question, sound off. What did you think of GaTa’s performance in “Hype Man?”