Atlanta continues to be a hub for incredible talent and it feels like every year, it produces another hitmaker with star potential. And right now, Baby Jungle has released a few singles that have given us a glimpse of what he’ll be capable of in the new year. Over the past few years, he’s maintained a steady momentum, though it was largely through one-off releases. This year, he’s getting to work. Just weeks ago, he came through with a quick remix of Lil Baby’s latest record, “Errybody.” Now, he came through with his first original single of the year, “4 REAL.” Eerie keys and piano back him up as he delivers Roddy Ricch-esque melodies reflecting on the reality of the environment he remains in.

Check his new single below.

Quotable Lyrics
Y’all n***as thinkin’ its sweet
Not Lebron, I don’t need my Heat
Big glock hit like Ali
Ran him up, put him on a tee