Beyond "Trap Queen": Fetty Wap's Hidden Gems

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"Trap Queen" is far from Fetty Wap's only banger. Here's 10 more gems from the New Jersey trap singer who's blowing up faster than we can keep up with.

Right now, Fetty Wap's "Trap Queen" sits at #3 on the charts, behind Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again" and Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk." We're gonna go ahead and call it the number #1 hip-hop song in the country. Sorry Wiz & Charlie Puth--touching tribute, but it belongs on the pop charts. We've been talking about "Trap Queen" going viral since late last year, and, somehow, as the song has actually broken the mainstream, we're still not sick of it.

If Fetty Wap's a one-hit wonder, then he gave us a helluva hit. The way things are looking, though, that won't be the case. Today alone, Drake has remixed Fetty's "My Way," and "Trap Queen" got remixed, for the umpteenth time, by Gucci Mane and Quavo of Migos. If you aren't digging the low quality rip of the Drake song, well, sorry--'cuz you're gonna be hearing it well into the summer. 

Truth is, though, Fetty had a wealth of material before he ever made "Trap Queen." And the stuff he's made since is even better. Maybe we're a second too late--he's already blown up--but, still, don't let these tracks go unnoticed. If you liked "Trap Queen," you'll soon realize there's a seasoned formula behind the magic.

Fetty Wap is here to stay. 


Beyond "Trap Queen": Fetty Wap's Hidden Gems


Beyond "Trap Queen": Fetty Wap's Hidden Gems

Fetty's magical piece of trap house romance was no accident; the man is a true romantic. "Again" is purely devoted to a woman Fetty wants back in his life, and few rappers have been able to deliver a love song like this without losing any of their grit. And, though his hook still steals the show, "Again" shows Fetty is a seasoned rapper.


Beyond "Trap Queen": Fetty Wap's Hidden Gems

"Remy Boyz they know us / All fast money no slow bucks." As Fetty blows up before our eyes, he's making sure to bring ever member of his Remy Boyz family with him. The nickname comes from Remy Martin cognac, whose high-end "Accord Royal" brand was established in 1738. On "679," Fetty and Montana Bucks sound slurred off the 'gnac, but still hit every note on this Mustard-like production. 

DJ Spinking - Dope Boy (feat. Fetty Wap & Ca$h Out)

Beyond "Trap Queen": Fetty Wap's Hidden Gems

After "Trap Queen," Fetty has appeared on some exciting collaborations, a few of which have gone criminally unseen. DJ Spinking is responsible for curating "Dope Boy," a geeked-out, after hours collaboration between Fetty and Ca$h Out, who's also one of the more experimental artists in the trap game. You may not hear this on the radio, but shit's poppin' off in strip clubs from The Bronx to Atlanta. 

"Couple Bandz"

Beyond "Trap Queen": Fetty Wap's Hidden Gems

Fetty begins the song singing about a "couple bandz," though it sounds like he's just harmonizing, and he's not afraid to get ugly for a minute. He soon finds his range, though, and what sounded like simple mumbling becomes an enchanting hook. The content isn't anything new, but Fetty is nowhere near finished talking about the Remy Boyz and his commitment to his New Jersey streets. 

"3rd Quarter Freestyle"

Beyond "Trap Queen": Fetty Wap's Hidden Gems

Here's another freestyle that proves Fetty goes all the way in--not just singing, but he can really spit. On "3rd Quarter Freestyle," he channels his idol, takes on his ZooWop persona, and he rips rhymes that'll make anyone afraid of the Zoo Gang. He also drops five bands on a Louis V eyepatch. 

"YungLan Freestyle"

Beyond "Trap Queen": Fetty Wap's Hidden Gems

Most of Fetty's melodies sound so natural, there's no way they were written ahead of time. Indeed, he can deliver some inspired bars off the dome. Here, he freestyles over a YungLan production, and continues to pick up steam throughout, creating a few mini-hooks as he goes. 

Driive - "Check" (feat. Fetty Wap)

Fetty's range of influences is what's earning him such nationwide appeal. On "Check," he helps Mississipi newcomer Driive score his first underground hit by lending some aggressive bars and, as usual, a memorable hook. Admittedly, the hook here is reminiscent of "Trap Queen," but expect Fetty to continue to reuse that winning formula--every other "singing rapper" is. 

Audrey Rose - "Ice Cream" (feat. Remy Ma & Fetty Wap) 

Beyond "Trap Queen": Fetty Wap's Hidden Gems

Every rapper's singing these days, but Fetty's commitment to really sing, pouring as much emotion into his vocals as possible, makes him a popular candidate to cross over into R&B. At the beginning of the year, we premiered another young talent from New Jersey, Audrey Rose, who gets Fetty (and famed lady MC Remy Ma) on her debut, "Ice Cream." The traps nowhere to be found, but, even when the beat slows down, Fetty still brings the heat. 

"RGF Island"

Beyond "Trap Queen": Fetty Wap's Hidden Gems

In early January, right when "Trap Queen" was starting to race up the charts, Fetty teased a "snippet" of a song called "RGF Island." RGF is Fetty's label and platform for introducing his Remy Boyz movement to the world. Right when the YungLan (with whom Fetty is building a mean partnership) production sets in, you can tell "RGF Island" has "Trap Queen" potential. Though it hasn't quite blown up like its predecessor (11 mill. on soundcloud ain't nothing to scoff at), we're still waiting on the single--perhaps on Fetty's debut album? Few doubt Fetty's pop sensibility, but if you really listen to his hooks--"My niggas stack they money just to spend it / 'Cuz when you die you cannot take it with you"--you'll see Fetty is one of the rawest singers in the game. 

"Show You"

Beyond "Trap Queen": Fetty Wap's Hidden Gems

Again, we're hesitant to include "Show You," currently in the process of going viral, but the hook is so good we had to show the nonbelievers. We could spell it out, but it's better if you hear the lyrics first. Hint: He wants you in his section and your man on the ex-list. Honestly, with his Louis V eye-patch, blonde hair (which he, as the leader of the Zoo, equates to a lion's mane), and 1738 tatted by his good eye, is anyone spitting hotter game than Fetty Wap?

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