JaVale McGee is one of those players that pundits love to criticize without a care in the world. McGee is a role player who for the most part, does his job well. He helped the Golden State Warriors win a title and now, he’s trying to help the Los Angeles Lakers do the same. While he’s been having a predominantly quiet season, McGee has been more than effective at his job and Lakers fans are more than appreciative of his efforts.

Last night, McGee had a solid night as he scored 12 points in a 116-86 win over the Golden State Warriors. Unfortunately for him, his biggest highlight was more of a lowlight. In the clip below, McGee can be seen trying to inbound the ball while still in bounds. Of course, you have to be below the baseline in order to inbound the ball.

We’re sure Shaq loved this clip as he now has even more fodder for his next installment of “Shaqtin’ A Fool.” Shaq has been very critical of McGee over the years and that’s not going to stop anytime soon, especially with a play like this one.

Luckily for McGee, all he needs to care about is the fact his team has a 45-12 record and is comfortably in first place in the Western Conference. Winning softens the blow of some minor miscues.