Pusha T Gloats After Drake’s Team Defeated In E-Sports Upset

After Drake’s esports team 100 Thieves suffers an upset defeat, Pusha T wasted little time in taunting his longtime nemesis.

BYMitch Findlay
Pusha T Gloats After Drake’s Team Defeated In E-Sports Upset

Some feuds simply run deeper than rap, and Pusha T's heated beef with Drake can easily be counted among that particular group. Though it reached a musical apex in 2018, with Drizzy's "Duppy" and Pusha's "The Story Of Adidon" emerging as a result, the aftermath of the cataclysmic tilt has yet to fade in the slightest. In fact, it's far more likely that we'll be looking at a 50 Cent & Ja Rule type of situation, in which overt lyrical attacks (d)evolve into pure, unapologetic pettiness. Still, if we've learned anything from the glorious days of competitive wrestling, a little trash talk can go a long way.

Pusha T Gloats After Drake's Team Defeated In E-Sports Upset
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Yesterday, Pusha T found himself tuned in to the world of Esports to throw his support behind Chaos EC, a gaming team that holds it down in Rainbow 6 and Counterstrike. As it happens, they went head to head against 100 Thieves, an Esports team that Drake invested in back in and one that was favored to come out on top. Yet Chaos EC came through with the upset, a win that did not go unmissed -- and uncelebrated -- by the ever-watchful Pusha T.

Push actually took to Twitter to congratulate Chaos EC for their victory, going so far as to repurpose one of his Drake subs from Jadakiss' "Huntin Season." "Headshots to keep the bracket pure," he writes. "GG fellas!" Of course, the connection was not lost on the fans, who immediately came to the conclusion that Push was coming for Drake's own self-declared "petty king" title. At this rate, it's easy to see this opening the door for further subs, especially given that Drake tends to slide a few in the deeper cuts of his albums. Check out Pusha's admittedly amusing tweet below. 

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