Alicia Keys Reveals She Was Almost In The Girl Group "Little Women"

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Alicia Keys, 3LW
Alicia Keys shared she was slated to be in a girl group and some people believe she was speaking about 3LW (3 Little Women).

She's made monumental, record-breaking strides as a solo artist, but Alicia Keys recently revealed that she was *thisclose* to being in a girl group. From the moment she released her debut single "Fallin", the world knew that Alicia Keys would make waves for years to come. Dozens of awards and numerous chart-topping hits later, Alicia Keys continues to be a formidable force in the industry.

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Yet, the path to her success almost took a different route. The singer sat down last week to answer questions about her career, including the music groups she'd been apart of way back when. "My first band that I was in was just four of my homegirls from my neighborhood," Alicia Keys said. "I don't think we got to a place where we had a name. And then my second band that I was in, was kind of one of these projects that are put together by people. They heard I sang and thought, oh, maybe I could be a part of it. It didn't work out with me, but eventually, they came out and I think their name was Little Women, but I was never part of that 'cause I moved on, that didn't work out for me."

Some speculate that those "Little Women" Alicia spoke of was 3LW, or 3 Little Women. The group stepped onto the scene back in 1999 and had a few hits before switching up members and eventually disbanding. Their main lineup consisted of Naturi Naughton, Adrienne Houghton, and Kiely Williams. Could you see Alicia Keys as a member of 3LW?

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