Troy Ave debuted his brand new podcast, The Facto Show, last week and he just had to get the ball rolling with some dramatic ish. 

On the first episode, he started speaking about Joe Budden, who he refers to as “Hoe Buttons.” Just about an hour through the podcast, he started talking about the retired rapper, calling him “emotional” and claiming to know the reason why.

“Hoe Buttons, Joe Budden, you emotional motherfucker,” he said. “That n***a’s always emotional, man. I don’t know what the fuck is going on. I think it’s the drugs, he’s a fucking junkie, man.”

Expanding on his drug theory, Troy Ave then claimed that he and Fabolous may have something to do with why Joe Budden is always stirring the pot.

“It’s either the drugs or it might be… you know what I think? The main thing that makes this n***a emotional is probably because me and Fab fucked all the women that he’s ever loved in his life,” he said. “Between the two of us. We fucked every woman that he’s loved. So, maybe it’s like a Desert Storm thing when he goes at Fab or throws a little shot at me or whatever. It’s cool. Just know I didn’t forget.”

The Joe Budden Hoe Buttons talk begins at the 52:05 point.