Basketball fans were captivated over the last five weeks due to the ESPN documentary about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls called “The Last Dance.” Throughout the documentary, it became very clear that Jordan wanted to prop himself up while making some of his high-profile teammates look week. The likes of Horace Grant and Scottie Pippen caught quite a bit of flack from MJ and were the undisputed losers of the entire series.

During a recent episode of The Jump, Kendrick Perkins went off on Michael Jordan, saying that the Bulls legend broke numerous player codes throughout the documentary. He also said that it was unnecessary for Jordan to slander his teammates so hard because everyone is already aware of how good MJ is.

“Michael Jordan broke every player code imaginable… Some of the things he was saying with Scott Burrell, saying that he was in the club every night. Talking about what Horace Grant said about guys doing drugs, everyone except for him (Jordan). And then, ‘The Last Dance’ hurt Scottie Pippen. People today are looking at Scottie Pippen like a selfish individual,” Perkins said. “At the end of the day, ‘The Last Dance’ was to praise Mike — which it should have been — but you didn’t have to tear down other people to praise your greatness, because your greatness alone speaks volumes for itself.”

Perkins has had some pretty hot takes during his days as an analyst although this is one that we can probably all agree on. Jordan is a legend but “The Last Dance” was a puff piece that only served to make him look better.