Scottie Pippen is one of the best basketball players in NBA history although his accomplishments were very much overshadowed by those of Michael Jordan. Pippen is seen as the best Robin player ever, which is certainly nothing to laugh at. He was a phenomenal partner to Michael Jordan and his accomplishments should be celebrated. Unfortunately, during the ultra-popular documentary “The Last Dance,” Pippen was slandered at every turn.

At numerous points, Pippen was made out to look like a selfish player who is always getting injured and never doing what was best for the team. In fact, it seemed like Pippen was being put down so that Jordan could look better. Now, it appears as though Pippen is very angry with his portrayal and he’s mostly mad at MJ.

Scottie Pippen Is "Beyond Livid" At Michael Jordan Over "The Last Dance"
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

According to ESPN Radio host David Kaplan, Pippen felt as though there was a very clear agenda to the documentary and that it was all about bashing him up until the very end. Of course, it’s pretty sad to see Pippen treated this way especially since Jordan’s success was contingent upon Pippen’s arrival in Chicago.

It will be interesting to see if the two end up speaking to each other about this development and whether or not it will ever be resolved. They are both legends and it would be a shame for their relationship to take a turn over a documentary.