Teejayx6 has made a name for himself as one of the pioneers in the rising trend of scam rap, with his straightforward lyricism that details exactly how he conducts his scams.

The Detroit rapper has no lack of charisma, with his carefree style on full display on this new single: “Forgot my login to my YouTube, I almost quit rapping.”

In case you had any reason to doubt him, he makes sure to show you just how long his money is in the accompanying visuals. It kind of makes you want to go change all your passwords.

Check out the video for “CashApp” below and share your thoughts with us in the comments. Teejayx6’s latest album Under Pressure is available now on all streaming services.

Quotable Lyrics

Walk in Verizon and apply for iPhone X’s
I got bout twenty jacks on me, stacked like Tetris
Go in the store, punch the fees, I got two methods
Ten phones in each car, we had two Lexus
Gotta catch a flight cause they f****n with me down in Texas
You flashin money in January, you must got yo taxes
I get a iPhone every morning, this sh*t like practice
I just loaded up my Bitcoin, it’s time to get active