Summer Walker and London On Da Track just can’t keep their hands off of each other. After a month-long break, the couple is back together and they’re making up for lost time, getting sultry for the masses to witness.

These days, the R&B star is more active on her alternate social media accounts than her official pages. Her @GalactaWhore page is a must-follow for fans that are looking for daily content from the talented artist. She generally posts her more risqué photos and videos to the burner, also spreading conspiracy theories from time to time.

This week, she celebrated her reunion with her super-producer boyfriend by jumping into a very revealing bikini and hopping into the spa with him.

Summer showed off her summer body in a lime green swimsuit, which has the smallest bottoms imaginable. Seriously, if these were any tinier, this would only be suitable for OnlyFans.

Following up on the thirst trap, Summer and London went inside the hot tub and had some fun together. Sticking the camera in her boyfriend’s face, Summer Walker then lifted up her leg and seemingly invited him to go to town on her feet. He happily obliged, sticking her toes in his mouth before she backed away in disgust.

Are you a fan of this couple?