Snoop Dogg Officially Denies 6ix9ine's Snitch Claims

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Snoop Dogg explained why 6ix9ine's allegations that he snitched on Suge Knight are false, and warned the "rat" not to mess with the "Dogg."

If Snoop Dogg wasn't fed up with 6ix9ine before, he sure as hell is now. Ever since the recently incarcerated rapper made his comeback last week, Snoop has made it abundantly clear that he does not approve of 6ix9ine's snitching ways, nor the celebration surrounding his return to music. However, on Friday (May 15th), 6ix9ine added fuel to the fire by accusing Snoop of being a snitch as well, claiming that he served as an informant to the feds in Suge Knight's criminal case. Snoop initially fired back with a comedic clip of Omar Rey as his character, Pimpin Silky, but after 6ix9ine refused to let up on his claims, Snoop knew he couldn't just ignore the situation. The OG first shared a video on Instagram, issuing a warning to 6ix9ine to leave him alone for his own sake while calling him a "ratboy" and a "b*tch."

"Last time you said something, I ain't have time," Snoop says. "But today, I got time." 6ix9ine then commented on the post, "EXPLAIN YOUR PAPERWORKKKKK."

Snoop Dogg Officially Denies 6ix9ine's Snitch Claims

Later, Snoop posted a fake trailer for a "dramedy" about 6ix9ine called Tattle Tales. "The tail of a rat," Snoop wrote in the caption. "Comin soon from bitch9 I mean snitch9. I mean fuc it from cuZblood." 

"This is only funny to the old heads everybody over 50," 6ix9ine responded. "Still hasn’t even denied the paperwork. lEavE mE AloNe 'you’re blowing my cover.'"


Snoop Dogg Officially Denies 6ix9ine's Snitch Claims
Finally, Snoop had had enough. He issued a formal response to 6ix9ine's claims in the comments of the movie trailer, explaining why 6ix9ine is dead wrong.
Snoop Dogg Officially Denies 6ix9ine's Snitch Claims

"N*ggaz know I ain’t have nothing to do with suge knight getting time we had the same lawyers," Snoop wrote. "This [rat] reaching calling me a snitch and FYI. He most likely drew up the papers he do work with the [cops]. Suge and me on great terms now so if I told on him we would never be cool and that’s a fact. Now carry on and stay tuned for the tattle tales movie and record lil bitch @6ix9ine0fficial I got time." 6ix9ine has yet to respond to Snoop's latest comments.

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