Tommy and Ghost have been boys since day one, which is why their time as enemies has been so dramatic. This week’s episode of Power mends the relationship between the two brothers, and also gives fans a hint as to who shot Ghost. Entitled “It’s All Your Fault,” the thirteenth episode of the season focuses on Tommy. After last week’s somewhat slow episode, this week Courtney Kemp and 50 Cent deliver the strongest episode mid-season yet. “It’s All Your Fault” begins back at the moment that Tommy kills Proctor’s cousin Benny. At this time, Tommy has one goal in mind: Kill Ghost.


Tommy disposes of the body very easily, but Benny’s disappearance worries Elisa Marie and her guardian, Aunt Dolores. Proctor’s family was apparently mob royalty, which leaves Elisa Marie in the care of some very dangerous people. This works to her advantage though. Dolores and Vincent have a meeting where the former accuses the latter of offing Benny. In order to save face, Vincent gives Dolores two bodyguards and promises to get to the bottom of things. Elisa Marie, being a smart young girl, monitors all the mob talk and also listens to the recording her dead father left her. Dolores walks in just as the recording gets good, and the two ladies have a bonding moment. Dolores fills Elisa Marie in on the truth of the family, and Elisa identifies Tommy as the voice on the tape. This sets in motion the motivation behind Tommy leaving town, which we saw at the end of the last episode. 

Elisa Marie and Dolores take the recording to Tariq, who denies knowing anyone named Tommy and Ghost. His slick act doesn’t work on Dolores, who puts two and two together and quickly calls Tariq out for helping Tommy kill Proctor. Elisa Marie tries to defend Tariq, but Dolores isn’t buying it. She’s a smart woman, because moments later Tariq runs to Tommy, alerting him of the recording. Tariq’s movements seem shadier than usual in this episode and the further we get into the show, the more guilty he begins to look. 

Tommy heads over to Truth to presumably kill Ghost for murdering Lakeisha and shutting down his base of operations. His plan is foiled, but before he can exit the area Blanca approaches him. The law enforcement officer hands Tommy Lakeisha’s belongings, and Mr. Egan immediately identifies Tasha’s earring in the bag. Putting the pieces together rather quickly, Tommy heads over to Tasha’s apartment to kill her. Their confrontation is brief, with Tasha admitting to killing Lakiesha within seconds. She gets Tommy to read the papers his deceased lover signed to snitch on him, and reminds him that all her bags were packed in the house. Tommy almost kills her, but decides to let her live at the last moment. This scene is crucial to Tommy’s relationship with Ghost. After he realizes that Ghost did not kill his girl in revenge for killing Angela, Tommy begins to make a 180-degree turn. 


Viewers are brought back to the scene of Tommy and Ghost meeting up, somewhat reconciling, and then getting shot at. Tommy discerns that Ghost did not know about the recording Proctor kept either, which is another moment that helps him rebuild trust with his frenemy. After fleeing the scene and escaping a still unknown third party trying to kill Ghost, Tommy heads to Dolores’ house to seize the audio recording. He kills the guards, kidnaps Elisa Marie, and proceeds to pry her for more information. Tommy, who was raised in a harsh environment, ends up empathizing with the daughter of the man he murdered. Elisa Marie vents about her drug addict mother and protective father, and asks Tommy if he killed Proctor. Tommy won’t admit his guilt, but his non-answer is an answer enough for the sharp young girl. While Tommy is interrogating Elisa Marie, 2Bit calls and confirms that it was Dre, not Ghost, who snitched out his operation to the police. This is the final moment of revelation for Tommy, who decides he needs to reconcile with Ghost. Tommy brings Elisa Marie back to Dolores, unharmed, and goes to speak with Tariq. 

When Tommy tells Tariq that Ghost is innocent of these crimes, the younger St. Patrick cares not. Tariq tells Tommy that he believes Dre is trying to kill Ghost, but he refuses to help. If his father dies, he will not be the man to try to stop the situation. The grim outlook from Tariq makes him look suspicious, or at least complicit, in the murder of his father. Couple that with the scene last week where Tasha doesn’t answer Paz when asked who killed Ghost, and it makes things seem like Tasha and Tariq had a hand in Ghost’s undoing. After leaving Tariq behind, Tommy attempts to get to Truth to save Ghost from his fate. Unfortunately, Vincent catches up with Tommy and a shootout occurs. Tommy murders the Italians, giving Vincent a particularly gruesome death, and speeds off to Truth. 


Here is our heartbreaking moment: Tommy arrives too late. He walks in to find a dying Ghost, bleeding on the floor, and he looks up to get a clear look at the killer– the camera remaining closely on Tommy’s visage. Tommy looks shocked, he clearly recognizes the killer but a dying Ghost tells him to “let it go.” This is a very important moment. Whoever the killer is, for Tommy to allow them to live means he has some type of love or connection to the shooter. Ghost telling Tommy to “let it go” means the dying St. Patrick doesn’t want his killer to die either. That makes Tariq a prime suspect at this point, since Tommy would have extra incentive to kill Tasha, considering he let her live in an earlier scene. It couldn’t possibly be Saxe, because Tommy would shoot him immediately. Ghost dies in Tommy’s arms, also ridding any hope viewers had that he was still alive. The episode wraps with Tommy being viciously shunned by his grieving mother, who gifts him with a present from Ghost’s will before she writes him off as the killer. Tommy takes what he’s given, clears his apartment, and heads on the road. First though, he meets up with Elisa Marie, who gives him the last of the recordings. Next, Tommy kills Spanky after a tip from 2Bit about his snitching ways. It’s good to see Tommy make it to the end alive, driving out into the sunset as it were, but this episode raised just as many questions as it answered. It’s a fitting end to Tommy’s storyline, and gives enough room for him to appear in the spinoff series. The reconciliation and moment of fate between he and Ghost was an integral moment for the final season. We’re one step closer to finding Ghost’s killer.