Joe Rogan Says What Derek Chauvin Did To George Floyd Was "Torture"

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Joe Rogan hosted Krystal and Saagar of The Hill on his podcast, where they delved deep into America politics and more.

Joe Rogan often has guests he doesn't necessarily agree with, simply to engage in a debate where he can learn more. It's one of the biggest issues with social media algorithms, in the sense that, whatever you engage with you will receive more of-- thus forcing you deeper into one side of an issue, without any information on the opposing view. This allows for extreme views on either side of spectrum.

As the world is still grappling with the protests and riots, Rogan hosted two guests who run an opinion-based news commentary show for The Hill, called Rising. Krystal and Saagar bring to light certain political issues or views you might not even be aware-- it's actually a pretty interesting episode.

Joe Rogan Says What Derek Chauvin Did To George Floyd Was "Torture"
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Among the discussion points, they discuss the protests and riots and how to quell them, as well as where we go from here. Interestingly enough, Rogan advocates that chokeholds shouldn't necessarily be banned from the police force-- although Minneapolis has announced exactly such a ban today.

As Rogan explains, the chokehold is an effective way of putting someone unconscious if you're trained in martial arts. Which, let's face it, most cops are clearly not.

"I don't think you should make chokeholds illegal. If you're a cop and you're in a fight for your life against someone whose done something horrible, you should be able to use ji jitsu and one of the best techniques in ji jitsu is choking people unconscious. And it's not that dangerous-- it's not as dangerous as beating someone, it's not as dangerous as head trauma."

As far as what Derek Chauvin to George Floyd, Rogan continues: "What that guy did, was just torture. It has nothing to do with utilizing a good martial art technique to subdue a perpetrator."

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