Though footage of police violence has increased to disturbing heights throughout the ongoing protests against anti-black racism and police brutality, the pressure to hold cops accountable for their actions has never been higher. Yet many police appear so confident in their ability to get away with physical assault that they don’t even seem to fear the consequences.

Earlier this morning, footage surfaced of a Buffalo police officer violently shoving a 75-year-old protestor (apparently a “longtime activist) to the concrete. The clip was made all the more disturbing by the complete apathy that many of the surrounding police officers seemed to exhibit, with some actively attempting to block their fellow cops from helping the victim. Even as the blood began to pool, the man went unassisted. You can see the attack below, though a warning: the footage is disturbing.

Despite the police originally issuing a statement that the man “tripped and fell,” the video made sure the truth could not be denied. Now, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz provided an update on the victim: “he is still in serious but stable condition at the Erie County Medical Center and, as was relayed to me by an ECMC official, he is “alert and oriented.”

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown confirmed that the officers involved in the assault have been suspended without pay. “I was deeply disturbed by the video, as was Buffalo Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood,” Brown explained in a statement, provided by New York Post. “He directed an immediate investigation into the matter, and the two officers have been suspended without pay.” Unfortunately, no charges have been filed, and until police begin facing real consequences for their violent actions, the fight will continue. We at HNHH hope the victim makes a full recovery.