Candace Owens has been voicing her controversial opinion regarding George Floyd, attacking his character and claiming that he was “not an amazing person.” She is continuing her disrespectful remarks by doubling down on them, heading to Twitter and telling her network that they should not be celebrating his life.

American conservative commentator and Trump supporter Candace Owens struck a nerve with her recent comments. She commented during George Floyd’s memorial service in Minneapolis to speak her mind even further, causing even more of a divide.

“Ghosted by Meghan Markle. Ghosted by President Trump. Treading to remain relevant by pretending to care about black American issues that he knows nothing about,” she said about Piers Morgan after he dissed her for her take. “@piersmorgan — keep your white savior bullshit to yourself.”

She then went on to take aim at Joe Biden, while also continuing her contemptuous remarks about Floyd.

“And a former VP @JoeBiden will attend his funeral to honor him,” she started. “Imagine the black woman who survived this attack while pregnant. People are out here painting murals of him. It’s too much. Derek Chauvin should be imprisoned, but we should not be honoring #GeorgeFloyd.”

Needless to say, her recent social activity has painted her even further as somebody that stands in front of those wishing for progress.