Amber Rose Declares She's "Pro Black," "Pro LGBTQ," & "Pro Hoe"

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Amber Rose

Amber Rose wrote on Instagram many of the causes she supports, but "All Lives Matter" isn't one of them.

While millions of people have united together to support the Black Lives Matter movement and to protest against police brutality and white supremacy, people who don't align with those ideologies are making themselves heard, as well. Many are having difficult conversations with their family members, friends, co-workers, and others as people in their lives are showing themselves to be anti-BLM, anti-criminal justice reform, and anti-police accountability. For those who have sided with BLM, some are finding themselves attacked with racial slurs and hate speech, but Amber Rose isn't having it.

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Celebrities who have lent their voices the protests and the Black Lives Matter movement are seeing their fans drop like flies. Seth Rogen recently had a "f*ck off" party over on his Instagram page after dozens of former fans criticized his support of BLM, and John Boyega had to face-off with the public after saying he hates racists. Amber Rose not only made it clear that she supports everybody black, a la Issa Rae, but she's pro many other causes that get under right-wing skins.

"I'm Pro Black af, Pro LGBTQ af, Pro Hoe, Pro Sex Work, Pro Choice," the model wrote on Instagram. "If ur Fatphobic, Transphobic or ever screamed 'All Lives Matter' get the f*ck off my page." Rose received an overwhelming amount of support from hundreds of thousands of her followers, but there were still those who didn't understand why she had a problem with "All Lives Matter." Check out her post below.

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