Fat Joe Tried To End 50 Cent & Rick Ross's Beef: "Some Beefs You Can't Squash"

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Fat Joe

He said Ja Rule and Fif may never come together, either.

Rap beefs have been an intricate part of hip hop since the genre's inception. Some are light-hearted and lyrical, others are personal and often dangerous, but they usually bring artists to the mic to show off their talents. There was a time when Fat Joe had a few beefs under his belt, but the rapper said that after a stint in jail, he realized it wasn't worth his time.

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In a chat with DJ Whoo Kid, Joe recalls having more career opportunities once he rid himself of his animosities with Jay Z and 50 Cent. After that, Joe said he's been the go-to guy in hip hop to end feuds. "When we originally squashed the beef, me and 50 Cent, he gave me his hand and he was like, 'Peace for Chris Lighty,'" Joe recalled. "I gave him my hand and we squashed it and it was a celebration, and then I went and I said, 'Aight, I'm gonna do what other n*ggas didn't do for me. I immediately went and found Rick Ross. Immediately, because he was at the award show. I said, 'Yo, my n*gga I squashed the beef with 50 Cent, he squashed it with me, like yo wassup.'"

Rozay's response made Joe believe that he was ready to reconcile with Fif, as well. Ross allegedly told Joe that he was going to follow suit, but it didn't go according to plan. "I get to the back and they fightin' Gunplay," Joe remembered. "This is not gonna happen. This is not very, very good. I cannot squash this beef ever again. I thought it was gon' be the U.N. summit. Some beefs you can't squash."

Speaking of, Whoo Kid noted that he'd heard that Joe tried to bring him and Ja Rule together. Joe admitted that he didn't think that Whoo Kidd and Ja would ever see eye to eye. "I almost had it," Joe said. Whoo Kid replied, "You got closer than Farrakhan?" Joe responded, "I got closer than everybody." Watch his interview in full below.

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