Fat Joe may still be bitter about the fact that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving chose to sign with the Brooklyn Nets over his beloved New York Knicks, but he's got nothing but respect for their games.

During a recent interview with Complex, Fat Joe was asked about the best player he has ever seen play ball at NYC's famed Rucker Park, and he didn't hesitate to name Durant. The Bronx-native then recalled a classic story from 2011, when KD was chased out of the park following his legendary 66-point game.

Check out Fat Joe's recollection of the tale, as well as some highlights from the game in question, in the videos embedded below.

As mentioned, Joey Crack still isn't happy that KD and Kyrie couldn't handle the pressure of playing their home games at Madison Square Garden. He recently shared his take on the matter during an interview with Sports Illustrated.

"You gotta understand, a lot of players, and I'll call 'em out - Kyrie [Irving], [Kevin] Durant - they don't want that New York Knicks pressure. They didn't want that media attention. They didn't want Sports Illustrated being right in their backyard. They didn't want that, so they said, 'alright, we want New York, but let's do the lesser of the drama, let's go to Brooklyn."

For what it's worth, KD didn't think much of Joe's comments, as he posted the following response on twitter: "Oh that’s just Joey crack trying to sell that album, go cop that family ties on December 6."