We already knew 50 Cent wasn't satisfied with the police's conclusion concerning his manager and dear friend Chris Lighty's death. Although ruled a suicide, Fif just didn't see this as likely. Now the superstar will have a team investigate the matter further, at the request of Lighty's mother.

MyFoxNY reports that the music mogul has a "high-powered team" to investigate the death of Chris Lighty, the CEO of Violator Records & Management. 

A copy of Lighty's will has also been obtained, and states he wishes to leave everything to his wife. The will, which was drafted in '07, also provides a separate $1.6 million trust fund for his children. This is strange seeing as the original report on Lighty's apparent suicide was that he was broke and owed the IRS millions, hence why he shot himself. However, such a trust fund takes careful planning and saving.