Joey Bada$$ came through with his new 3-track EP, The Light Pack, on Friday, along with some visuals to accompany the title track. The pack marked Joey’s first solo release in three years since 2017’s ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$, much to the joy of his fans.

However, some were less than impressed with his declaration on Twitter that the EP would serve to “exterminate” mumble rap, a promise that turned out to be a lyric on “The Light,” after all. Despite the pushback, Joey stuck to his guns and really delivered on the impressive new project.  

With the release of The Light Pack came some visuals for the title track that reflect his journey toward finding inner light. At the start of the video, he gave some context for what viewers were about to see. “On June 16th, 2020 I chose to partake in a traditional voodoo ceremony in search of rebirth,” he shared. “My purpose with this visual is to inspire black people to realize their power and take it back, as I did. Don’t be afraid of who you are, that’s their job. We are magic.” Footage of Joey participating in this ceremony is then shown, before the song kicks in around 1-minute of the way through.

Check out “The Light” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

Now world domination by determination
This is mumble rap extermination
This is Godly interpolation
This is that “Who your top five?” conversation
Type of rap that fuck a Grammy nomination
Type of rap that I’ma take ’em to my basement