Jay-Z called for the death of auto-tune in 2009 and, over a decade later, Joey Bada$$ is vowing to be the one to "exterminate" mumble rap.

There will always be trends in hip-hop that we all don't agree with. When Hov dropped The Blueprint 3, that was auto-tune. Now, Joey Bada$$ is calling for an end to mumble rap, but the message isn't landing with everyone.

With new music on the horizon, the New York rapper seemingly shared some of his lyrics, tweeting, "This is mumble rap extermination. This is godly interpolation." 

Considering the fact that we've waited three years for a new project from Jozif Badmon, you would think that this would get people even more amped up for the upcoming release. Unfortunately, quite the opposite seems to have happened as people were clowning the 25-year-old for his bars.

"YOU THOUGHT THESE WERE GOOD BARS," wrote the popular Shrek Knows Rap page in response. Most people seem to be taking a similar stance without even dissecting what Joey is saying or the context. Others are writing it off completely, stating that "mumble rap" isn't a thing and never was. Finally, there is a crowd of people that are feeling hyped for Joey's release, using this as fuel to the fire.

Joey Bada$$
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Regardless of how you feel about this tweet and Joey Bada$$' opinions on mumble rap, we can guarantee that people will be tuning into his new releases tonight.