Trick Daddy's New Boo Nikki Natural Gets Dragged For Disrespecting Trina

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Trina & Trick Daddy
Twitter has spoken: don't f*ck with Trina.

The premiere of the third season of Love & Hip Hop: Miami last week was the onscreen debut of Trick Daddy's latest relationship with aspiring rapper, Nikki Natural. The two were getting clowned for their significant age difference and for Nikki's supposed celibacy, but Trick and Nikki (Trikki?) are more focused on how to get her rap career off the ground. However, it looks like Nikki got a little too bold in her attempts to have her voice heard and get her music out there, because she quite literally tried to steal the spotlight from seasoned Miami rapper and fellow costar, Trina. In a clip from the tumultuous second episode of the season, Nikki can be seen trying to grab the mic from Trina mid-performance. 

The audacity. Trina is understandably shook but manages to keep her grip on the mic as she tells Nikki to "fall back" repeatedly. Not only did Nikki get disrespectful with her actions, she expressed some less than loving thoughts about Trina as a rapper, as well. In another scene, Nikki and Trick are discussing the incident and Trick asks Nikki a leading question: "Trina is successful in the music business?" 

Nikki responds with, "she aight," which is clearly not the answer he was looking for. She continues with, "Her last album ain't do good," to which Trick points out that she is in no position to critique Trina. "You talking bout some 'last album,' what your first album did?" he asks. She tells him that her first album will do "motherf*ckin' amazing, I bet." Trick gets frustrated and proceeds to lat it all out for her. "If you ever wanna be a rapper that came from Miami, and you don't respect Trina, you ain't never gonna be sh*t." The clip ends with Nikki stating that, "I do respect Trina, do she respect me is the question." Fans were quick to point out that she didn't exactly display any type of respect when she tried to snatch the mic out of Trina's hands, many saying she was out of line and acted entitled. Others also insisted Trina should have retaliated more aggressively.

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