YG’s plans to hold a protest in wake of the recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery have been put on hold. The rapper took to Instagram to announce that he was told that the protest could be unsafe and can possibly result in people getting hurt or shot.


“So I got bad news I was told today that my protest is not safe and that people could get hurt or shot,” YG said. He previously announced plans to hold a demonstration at Hollywood & Vine in Los Angeles. “I’m not trying to get none of my people hurt or shot so I’mma cancel the date. It’s fucked up but I’m gonna come back bigger and better. I’m partnering with Black Lives Matter and we gonna do this shit the right way. For the people, for the city, and for all the artists that wanna pop out and participate.”

Though his protest was pushed back to a later date, he did go against the label’s wishes to release another protest song titled, “FTP.” Carrying the traditions of Compton natives NWA, his latest song revitalizes the term “Fuck The Police.” 

“‘Fuck The Police’ is out right now. It’s in my bio. I couldn’t wait for the label,” he said. “I’ll see y’all outside.”

Check out YG’s new song “FTP” below.