Instagram Gallery: Biggie's Daughter T'yanna Wallace

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T'yanna Wallace instagram

New Instagram Gallery for the lovely T'yanna Wallace, the daughter of the Notorious B.I.G.

The Notorious B.I.G., beloved hip-hop figure and general G.O.A.T, passed away on March 9, 1997 at the young age of 24. He left two young children behind, C.J. Wallace and T'yanna Wallace, each with different mothers, Faith Evans and Jan Jackson respectively. Each child has gone on to do their own thing, while continuing to carry their late dad's memory with them. C.J. Wallace, for his part, actually portrayed his father in the film Notorious, and he's become a successful entrepreneur with a cannabis brand. 

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T'yanna also has the entrepreneurial spirit (which may or may not be a trait passed down from their hustler father). She began a clothing brand, Notorious Clothing, in 2013, which clearly references and remembers Biggie. She also went to college, pursuing a degree at Penn State-- so it's safe to say Biggie would be proud, and T'yanna has her shit together. Still, she doesn't want to just be known as Biggie's daughter, as she told NY Post, "I don’t want to live off of my dad’s money. I want to make my own money. I worked in the cafeteria for a year while I attended Penn State.”

Take a glimpse at how T'yanna Wallace is living her life these days, from Notorious Clothing and beyond, in the Instagram Gallery below.

Owning the runway and repping her dad at the same damn time

Putting in work

Father and daughter

Celebrating her 25th year

Uncle Cease in the cut

Peep the hoodie

Blocking out the haters

T'yanna's pre-school graduation must have been lit

Sibling love

Biggie and his baby girl

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