Who is Wunna? We’re about to find out with Atlanta rapper Gunna’s brand new album and documentary at the end of the week.

The respected YSL Records rapper is returning with some new heat, finally able to release his highly-anticipated album in a number of days. He has been a highlight of the last couple of years and, now, we’re getting to see what the recording artist is all about. 

Opening up for one of the first times, Gunna is ready to show his fans who he is. He’s continuing his album rollout with the brand new “WUNNA” music video. 

Serving as a half-lyric video and half-music video, Gunna takes us into his life and shows us what he’s working with, hanging with the crew, jonesing with pretty models, and shining a light on his surrounding characters.

‘WUNNA” is the second single from Gunna’s new studio album, which is out on May 22.