We’d be unwise to forget the mysticism of Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and the impact the Wu-Tang legend has had on the game. Of course, his memory will be forever preserved through his iconic verses, but that’s not all. His son, the appropriately stylized Young Dirty Bastard, has been carrying the torch for his father. Not only has he been standing in for ODB during the occasional Wu-Tang performance, but YDB has recently moved to cement his father’s legacy through a brand new business venture. Should you feel a craving for some of that sweet Shaolin energy, you need only look toward your local craft beer store.


According to TMZ, YDB has invested up to $60,000 in creating the Young Dirty Brew Honey Ale, the brainchild of himself and his partners Divine Everlasting and Logan Feldman. Apparently, they spent half a year honing the flavor to an alchemical degree, teaming up with Circa Brewing to give the idea proper legs. “I had a dream since I was a baby, I saw my father drink,” remembers YDB, in a TMZ clip. “He was drinking Old English 40s. So about time I turned nine years old, I caught a little old English. He left it there sitting, I tasted it, and got an idea.”

Look for the “Dirtiest Of Brews” to launch on New Years Eve in select New York locations. For all you beer drinkers out there, be sure to support YDB’s latest endeavor….responsibly.