While we patiently wait on Kanye West to drop Jesus Is King, Mr. West is continuing on with business as usual. Ye took his Sunday Service back on the road this week, this time ending up in Queens, New York. The Greater Allen Cathedral was blessed with Ye’s heavenly service in the wake of the polarizing rapper announcing that he would no longer be making secular music. Although many fans don’t believe that Kanye will go the No Malice and Mase route for too long, only time will tell. 

Mr. West has never been known for his freestyling skills, but during this week’s Sunday service he dropped a few bars off the top for the audience. Footage from the event shows a packed church jumping up and down and Kanye grabs the mic and begins to rock out. West gives a shout out to Swizz Beatz during his freestyle before taking a pause to think. Then he comes back with a few quick bars that excite the crowd before calling it quits. Kanye is expected to take his Sunday Service back on the road next weekend as well. Check out the footage of Kanye freestyling below and stay tuned for the moment Jesus Is King drops.