Following the surprising events of the weekend, which is to say a new two-pack from Drake, it’s becoming abundantly clear that the 6ix God is gearing up for an album. And given how many pieces are moving, it feels like it’s coming sooner rather than later. With Drake already confirming that the project would be a more concise effort that Scorpion, many have been wondering if he’s gearing up to release the best album of his career. Between the brevity, the brooding sound of “Chicago Freestyle,” the Jay-Z sampling “When To Say When,” and a possible Benny The Butcher collaboration — it’s entirely possible. 

Drake Continues Rollout With Tone-Setting Pictures
 Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Furthering speculation that album mode is in process, Drake followed the drop with some tone-setting Instagram pictures. Often one to embrace the concept of “Scary Hours,” Drizzy’s new pictures may very well be hinting at a new visual aesthetic. Set against the backdrop of the New York skyline, there’s a minimalist feel to the snapshots, a quality that we can only hope indicates a raw and uncut direction from the megastar. 

Given everything that has transpired in Drake’s narrative throughout the past five years, perhaps a return to “bars,” a back on his bullshit moment if you will, has been inevitable. Enough people have been questioning his pen game — why wouldn’t he looked to quell the doubt on his sixth studio album, seventh if you count More Life. What do you think? Is Drake about to make some major moves in the weeks to come?