New York City’s Queens-based LaGuardia Airport can be a horrible place, something that Saturday Night Live made abundantly clear with their “Airport Sushi” sketch during last night’s episode.

John Mulaney Brings Out Flying Jake Gyllenhaal For Absurd "SNL" Sketch
John Moore / Getty Images

When Pete Davidson attempts to purchase sushi at LaGuardia, the cashier, played by John Mulaney, breaks into to a musical number about everything awful about airport sushi and LaGuardia as a whole. The cast parodies Phantom Of The OperaWest Side Story and more to get to the bottom of everything that can go wrong at the airport. 

Kate McKinnon plays “Auntie Orphan Annie” to parody Annie’s “Tomorrow,” and riff about Mike Bloomberg and Bill De Blasio.

Jack Gyllenhaal flies in for the strangest character: He plays “guy who travels in pajamas,” which he says he does “so TSA can have easy access” to his body. He sings about how much he enjoys security.

Bowen Yang appears as well to play a “Profiled Asian.” “If I cough then it’s over,” Yang sings, preying on coronavirus fears. “No, I wasn’t in Parasite,” he continues.

Saturday Night Live also parodied the coronavirus for its cold open sketch. The Democratic nominees crash Mike Pence’s White House Press Conference and Larry David, Fred Armisen and more make cameos.