Willow Smith & Tyler Cole Are "The Anxiety" On Self-Titled LP

Young lovers Willow Smith and Tyler Cole come together in musical form as indie rock duo The Anxiety, and their self-titled debut album explores just that and many more emotions.

BYKeenan Higgins

Young love can be the inspiration for many things, so it makes a lot of sense that couple Willow Smith and Tyler Cole would take their blooming relationship all the way to the Billboard charts by debuting as an indie rock duo called The Anxiety.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Stuart Weitzman

The group's self-titled album is 10 songs deep, lasts just short of 30 minutes and ultimately sounds like the soundtrack to any teen drama of the '90s and early 2000s. The heart-wrenching angsts and screamo-inspired feels all mesh together into a project that does its best to reflect the personalities of both individuals involved. If it sounds like one big art project, that might be intentional; the album was promoted with a live exhibit in LA at The Geffen Contemporary Art at MOCA on Wednesday (March 11) that saw Willow and Tyler enclosed in a glass box for 24 hours as they expressed a handful of emotions that included fear, paranoia, compassion and, you guessed it, anxiety.

Listen to The Anxiety, the debut album by Willow Smith & Tyler Cole's rock group of the same name, below: 


1. Hey You!
2. Fight Club
3. Believe That
4. Poolside
5. Interlude
6. Entertain 
7. Are You Afraid?
8. Meet Me At Our Spot
9. The System
10. After You Cry

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