Just a few days ago, the Chicago Bears locker room found themselves in a bit of a peculiar situation as running back Tarik Cohen launched an Instagram Livestream following their 31-15 win against the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football. In the background of the video, guard Kyle Long can be seen getting undressed and eventually moved in front of the camera where everything is hanging out in the open. It was a nightmare scenario for Long who will forever be known as the guy who got naked on IG live.

Since the incident, Long has come out with a sense of humor about everything although, in a new report from ESPN, some people on the Bears are taking this more seriously. Head coach Matt Nagy spoke about how the incident broke team rules and that Cohen has been extremely apologetic about what went down.

Tarik Cohen & The Bears React To Exposing Kyle Long On IG Live
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

“Without a doubt, it is [a policy going forward]. First of all, it’s a league rule, so that’s that. And I think it’s unfortunate that that happened. Tarik feels bad and is apologetic and embarrassed that it happened,” Nagy said. “I think it’s something that [what] you need to do is you learn from it. It was a mistake and nothing that is malicious at all. But it was a mistake, so let’s make sure that that mistake doesn’t happen again to all of our players.”

It looks like Cohen will be thinking twice next time he wants to go live in the Bears locker room.