Last night, the Chicago Bears defeated the Washington Redskins during Monday Night Football by a score of 31-15. The Bears are one of those teams that people expect to do big things this season and so far, their defense has been living up to their hard-hitting reputation. After the game though, some Bears players were caught up in some embarrassing antics. 

It all started when running back Tarik Cohen decided to hop on Instagram Live immediately after the game. Cohen can be seen playing with the camera when all of a sudden, guard Kyle Long starts undressing in the background. For most of the video, Long appears to be covered up but eventually moves into full view where everything is out in the open. Shockingly, Cohen didn't realize what was happening and the video kept rolling. If you're curious, you can watch the video here.

Fans took note of this accident immediately and it became a huge joke on social media to the point where Long was even trending on Twitter for a bit. Considering what transpired, his last name has become somewhat of an unfortunate pun which we're sure he's probably torn on. As of right now, he hasn't commented on the accident exposing although we're sure his teammates will give him a hard time at practice this week.