By now, many have been inquiring about Fivio Foreign, a prominent name in Brooklyn’s rising drill scene. His breakout single “Big Drip” originally dropped in August of 2019, and has currently amassed over twenty-million views on YouTube alone. Raw, unapologetic, and a voice of the streets from which he hails, Fivio quickly earned respect from some of the game’s heavy hitters — including a few prominent names from the Quality Control camp. 

Fivio Foreign Updates "Big Drip" With <a href="/profile/lil-baby" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Lil Baby</a> & <a href="/profile/quavo" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Quavo</a> Remix

Today Lil Baby and Quavo have come through to bless Fivio’s “Big Drip” with a remix, available as of now in select international markets; the full song drops this midnight, though it’s always possible that certain internet back channels have already been circulating the track. And while it doesn’t seem to be a major deviation from the original, it doesn’t exactly need to be. This take on “Big Drip” seems content with shining off star-power, more a statement of pedigree than a genuine attempt to reinvent the wheel. 

Lyrically, it should be noted that none of the contributing emcees seem particularly interested in dense metaphors or carefully constructed schemes. Instead, they take to AXL Beats’ production with a hungry intensity, all the more refreshing given Quavo’s recent string of phoned-in appearances. It’s nice to hear the Quality Control squad trying a different style on this one, and their co-sign of Fivio Foreign bodes well for the New York newcomer. Do you think this one is an improvement on the original?


It’s me on baby time 
Twenty front cars in the line
I let her ride around
If they catch you with me, you some keen of mine
Ayy, the bullshit, I minimize
I got the Glock inside